welcome to vim
Welcome to VIM
VIM is a fandom maker.
We, vimmer, are experts in KOL making!
Be Zimmer
and grow your audience!
Vimmers will acquire the qualifications of social media experts through quests and foster many KOLs!!!

1st Quest Category :

The journey of VIM Official Version starts by supporting beginner YouTubers

2nd Quest Category :

The official version quest of VIM starts by supporting Twitter account
Zimmer Login
How to boost my profit?

Available Quest : Fixed

- Cannot gain experience points
- Cannot level up
- Everyone looks the same
- Cannot wear the roggles
- It's free, not a NFT

Available Quest : Depends on the level

- Can gain experience points
- Can level up
- Everyone looks different
- Profit can be increased by using Roggle
Rainbow Goggles (Roggles)

Increases quest rewards

- Can find more quests
- Can grade up
- Can level up
- Increases VANTER's profits by a multiple
Summons new VANTER
Summons new VANTER

Users can Summon new vanter

- It will be able to do it once you have fully charged the Summon Power
- The number of summons is limited and can be increased through special gems
Desk for Vanter
Desk for Vanter

The essential equipment for vanters to work

- One desk is needed for each Vanter
- One Vanter and one Roggles can be set per desk
- Users can own up to 9 desks at maximum

We have switched our service direction to DeFi to ensure complete security measures. As holding our members' wallet addresses and private keys internally can pose security issues, we require external wallets like MetaMask to maintain security.

The tokens that you have mined and the BNB coins that you have received previously will be reviewed and transferred starting from the users who have registered their wallets. They will be transferred in the order of registration.

After the official launch of the platform, the tokens that are rewarded will be transferred to the wallet that you have registered. The rewards from quests will be monitored, and the deposit will be processed on the following day.

The previous token swap was conducted under the fixed value of VIU, but with the listing of VIZ, the swap will now be carried out through the DEX swap service. Additionally, the swap will be made based on the fluctuating value, rather than a fixed value.

VANTER among NFTs will be minted just before the launch of the official version. After a certain quantity of minting, users will be able to summon new VANTERs through the Summoning process, which requires the following conditions: First, the user's summoning power must be fully charged.Second, the user must hold two or more VANTERs.Third, two VANTERs must each have at least one Summoning Gem.Fourth, the user must have enough funds to cover the summoning cost. (* The summoning cost may vary depending on the VANTER's grade and number of summoning times.)

During the EB period, the experience points that users have earned will be carried over to the official version. Therefore, users who have reached a certain level will be able to proceed with the expansion of Desk 2 right away in the official version, allowing them to perform and receive rewards for more quests.

Official version is a time when VIM WORLD is expanding in earnest. Users can perform quests and earn rewards through VANTER, members of VIM WORLD, and gain experience points accordingly. When a certain amount of experience points are obtained, users can level up and obtain stat points, which can be distributed to VANTERs for even more rewards. When a user levels up, they obtain 5 stat points for common grade VANTERs, and the amount of stat points obtained increases as the grade of the VANTER increases.New VANTERs are summoned to the planet through specific conditions set by the user, and there is a chance of obtaining a higher-grade VANTER. * There are a total of 5 grades of VANTERs (common-expert-master-grandmaster-hero), and there are a total of 6 grades of Roguelogs (common-rare-epic-unique-legendary-god).

As featured
As seen on
Round price Amount
1 0.15 BNB 100
2 0.25 BNB 600
3 0.35 BNB 1,200
4 0.45 BNB 1,900
5 0.55 BNB 1,600
6 0.65 BNB 1,300
7 0.80 BNB 1,100
8 0.95 BNB 900
9 1.10 BNB 700
10 1.50 BNB 600